Aminosweet is the name of low-calorie aspartame produced by Ajinomoto. This product is used for sweetening a wide product portfolio by the leading food, beverages and pharmaceutical manufacturers of the world.

Aspartame is produced from aspartic acid and phenylalanine proteins. These proteins are found in high amounts in daily foods such as fish, meat, cheese, egg and milk. Aspartame is digested in the same way with these protein foods and does not cause any change in the diet.
Aminosweet is one of the most tested food additives and it has received approval from the health and regulatory authorities all around the world. The use of Aminosweet in food, beverages and pharmaceutical products is further approved by several prestigious organizations including JECFA, WHO, SCF and FDA. )
•    “For detailed information on Aminosweet (Technical Booklet)”
•    Aminosweet Video (LINK-avi),

“For detailed information on Aminosweet (Technical Booklet)”


Aspartam Video

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