Founded in 1895, Firmenich is a long-established family company globally known with its experience in flavor and fragrance field for more than hundred years. With its 26 production facilities, more than 6.000 employees and with the patented technologies and a well-developed distributorship network as a result of significant investments in R&D throughout the world, the company is one of top three manufacturers in flavor and fragrance industry.

Firmenich has entered the flavor industry in 1938 with raspberry flavor and then developed lemon and strawberry flavors. With the advancements in the flavor synthesis area and the developing trends in the global food industry, several more flavors have followed these. And Firmenich has become one of the global leaders in the flavor industry.

Yener Gıda offers a wide range of tastes in powder, liquid and encapsulated flavors with various forms for different applications with the support received as the distributor of Firmenich company in Turkey.)